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Interface Consulting Ltd has been working since 2001 and has a solid position in the market of information and consulting services of Russian Federation.

The main activity of the company is a providing of the business reports about Russian, Ukraine and Belarus companies, incl. credit reports, information reports, registration and financial reports. Besides, the company renders the related information services, incl. marketing researches, search of the goods and business partners.

Our Clients are Export Credit Insurance Agencies, Factoring Companies, Banks, Embassies, Credit Reporting Agencies, Multinational Companies, Exporters & Importers. Among our clients there are enterprises and companies of machinery building, transport, commerce, metallurgical, food, chemical, ship-building, electronic, jeweler industry, insurance companies, investment institutes etc.

We are sure that we can offer you the best option of cooperation.

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Interface Consulting
Tel: +7 (965) 157 8380
Fax: +7 (977) 391 9642